KERB's new Station!

KERB's new Station!

Howdy folks! As KERB continues to grow, so does our need to keep our fans satisfied! We have a poll on the KERB station website that assesses which our our many music segments are a favorite. After reviewing the polling, KERB Rock is coming out on top. 

With only five ours, once a week, we wanted to give you more Rock and Metal. So...TADAH! Introducing K-RAM: KERB Rock and Metal. It is New and Newer Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal and even Indie Rock and Metal, 24-7-365. 

Of course, with a new station, comes new MERCH! Check out the new K-RAM Collection for the Rockers and Metalheads. It's small right now, but it will be growing with exciting new designs and products. 

In the meantime, check out K-Ram and don't forget to also check out KERB

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